Submitted 09/16/22

Submitted 09/16/22
I was a patient for carpal tunnel several years ago and when I developed a problem with my other hand I immediately sought Dr Myo out.

Barbara W.
Submitted 09/12/22
Dr. Myo and his staff are AMAZING. I had some issues with my knee and hands and when I called to make my first appointment they were quick to get me in. My first appointment I received X-Rays and Dr. Myo looked at them and went over my options. Dr. Myo always spends time and listens to all of my concerns. When I needed surgery thee office staff worked hard to get me in as soon as possible. All of his staff made sure that I felt comfortable and all of my needs were addressed. I would highly recommend Dr. Myo to anyone.

Submitted 08/06/22
Just had my surgery less than a week ago things seem to be going well I have been pleased with my overall care from the time I started going to the office three years ago to the surgery this last week I would definitely recommend

Submitted 07/15/22
He is a good guy

Submitted 06/23/22
It went well and will have to have surgery on my ankle, so other wise all went well.

Submitted 02/01/22
Staff was friendly and polite Dr Myo was upfront and direct…not wishy washy.. he listened with concern, I liked that. He was straight to the point and very friendly

Submitted 01/07/22
Outstanding. Xrays taken immediately when I described my pain. Dr. Myo listened to me and gave me a number of exercises to do along with suggested OTC medication until seeing him again for follow up

Submitted 01/06/22

Submitted 12/17/21

Submitted 11/30/21
It was good I just wish you could help me

Submitted 10/22/21

Submitted 10/19/21
Very professional staff & doctor. I feel confident that I have a great surgeon!

Submitted 10/01/21
I found a Dr. That actually cares about you. He listens to you and answers all of your questions. Very impressed.

Submitted 09/21/21
Doc was in a hurry, spent a minute, maybe two with me.

Submitted 09/01/21
Dr. Myo is great. He really listens and takes care of all your needs. Dr. Myo ROCKS

Sarah H.
Submitted 06/04/21
Dr. George is incredible. He did my husbands Carpel tunnel surgery and also my mothers hand surgery. He is top notch. Have never met a better ortho doc/surgeon in my life. He cares about his patients and calls them directly after the surgery to check on them. He really cares. Thank you George from The Hunter & Judi Villaverde. He is even so good, I’m sending my boss to see him.

Submitted 05/13/21
Seemed very professional. Did the xrays early so the doctor could review them before talking to me.

Submitted 04/30/21
I appreciate the professionalism from the office staff and the discussions with the medical staff regarding my physical issues. Thank you very much.

Submitted 04/30/21
The staff was amazing.

Submitted 04/26/21
Ongoing hand injury that was first “treated” by another doctor for more than a year and a half. Dr. Myo had the issues quickly identified and we are working towards a treatment solutions.

Submitted 04/09/21
Dr Mayo did a great job with the shot in the thumb

Submitted 04/01/21
Thank you for your assistance this morning when I wasn’t feeling too good.

Submitted 04/01/21
What a great team at Dr. Myo’s office ! I wrote down my appointment time wrong and was late and they did everything to squeeze me in and take care of me. The staff was very friendly and professional and Dr. Myo was thorough and clear in two diagnoses and made me feel VERY confident about the treatment plan and prognosis. Whew- I was nervous and it was GREAT! He treated me on the spot and I am on the mend now. What a great doctor!

Submitted 03/11/21
We are very happy with all services. Thanks Dr Mayo & your stuff.

Submitted 02/18/21
It was ok

Submitted 12/03/20
Dr. Myo is awesome. His staff is also awesome. I am grateful for finding Dr. Myo. Dr. Myo is one of the most caring doctors I have ever met in my life. Kudos to him and his staff. His patients are blessed that he is there for you.

Submitted 09/12/20
My appt. was fine, I was taken on time, was told what I have causing pain was known as “Trigger Finger” and I was given two shots in my hand, and told to come back in a month to see if the shots took care of it. Everyone was very nice, efficient and it was a really pleasant visit to a Doctor’s office.

Submitted 08/17/20
Everyone was friendly and organized. Good job.

Submitted 08/06/20
Very informative and left with a good plan for future.

Submitted 07/17/20
I felt like the visit was redundant, I was waiting longer than I was seen. He had my records from the other doctors I had been seeing on the issue and it felt like he hadn’t gone over it.

Submitted 07/10/20
very professional

Submitted 07/02/20
Great staff

Submitted 06/03/20
i had a great experience. The doctor took time to go over the different possible causes and explain so I could understand. Would recommend!!!

Shelly B.
Submitted 05/10/20
Dr. Myo & his friendly office team were really great with their professional & meticulous attention given for the few concerns I needed their help with. I appreciated Dr. Myo taking the time with me for a clear & full explanation of his findings. I was thankful that he was able to help with 1 issue right away, after which he gave more healthful information, suggestions, and then provided an expert referral for another particular specialist where needed. I respect Dr. Myo’s expertise & reputation and I definitely recommend him as an outstanding orthopaedical specialist.

Submitted 04/03/20
Very nice and friendly personnel.

Submitted 03/13/20
Got in on time had a informed conversation and given several options.

Submitted 02/05/20
Very good, my appointment actually started ahead of schedule and everyone was very helpful. I would like Dr. Myo to consider one additional thought I had after I left the Office. “Could her wrist pain possibly be a function of her growth spurt she is going through and the Growth Plates are causing the pain? She has grown over an inch in the last 2 months. I would appreciate a response to my thought if Dr. Myo could please respond. Thanks, Terry

Submitted 01/13/20
They listen.

Submitted 01/08/20
Amazing staff

Submitted 01/02/20
As you, Dr. Myo stated years ago, dupuytren’s contracture may re-occur the rest of my life. Well, your prediction was true. I have had 2 surgeries on right pinkie and one on the left. We have made plans to perform a third on the right pinkie and another on the left later this year. I have been happy with my experience, but wished I never had this condition to begin with. Anyways, I do not look forward to PT, but understand I must do it to get my pinkies back to being useful again. Thank you so much for what you do. PS, my MCL issue with my right knee has been feeling good every since you did that surgery years ago. So all in all, I have been very happy with your work. Thank you.

Submitted 12/19/19
Everything from the appointment setting experience to the time with the Dr was wonderful.

Submitted 12/06/19
Good experiences And friendly

Submitted 12/02/19
The staff was very courteous and professional. The PA did a great job on educating me about my hand.

Submitted 12/02/19
I was very impressed with Dr. Myo. He was very thorough in examining my hand and explained everything thoroughly.

Submitted 11/22/19
I had a break the loader shoulder and a spiral break that came around to the front was splintered. By the time I got to see him three days later after my mishap my arm felt like it was three pieces Dr. Mayo Took more x-rays and put a brace on my upper arm and then pulled it real tight yes I was in a lot of pain the rest of the night but it’s better today the swollen Ness went down to my hand and my arm now my lower arm

Dennis A.
Submitted 11/11/19
Very down to earth type of Doctor. The office scheduled me right away and my experience was nothing but positive with Dr. Myo and his staff. Highly recommend.

Waka S.
Submitted 01/08/19
I have had a wonderful experience at Dr. Myo’s office. The medical staff was caring and very professional. They made me feel comfortable and I felt they cared about me and my issue. Thank you for your service

Donna M.
Submitted 01/07/19
When Dr. Myo was finished with my shoulder surgery ..he did sucha great job I didnt even need physical therapy! That says alot in itself! Great Job!!

Sean K.
Submitted 12/16/18
I appreciate a surgeon that wants to make surgery the last resort.

Miriam C.
Submitted 12/10/18
The xray tech was very pleasant & friendly. I would have liked to have seen the xrays of my hand, but maybe on follow-up visit. Doctor very nice; seemed a little rushed. PA was also very nice.

Karen T.
Submitted 09/21/18
He fixed my trigger finger and was very good! I had no issues after the surgery. His staff was really nice during the procedure. I recommend him totally!

Howard B.
Submitted 08/03/18
Dr. Myo made a very small incision to repair my carpal tunnel. Good work!

Stephanie W.
Submitted 07/24/18
Office staff is wonderful. Dr myo very caring and knowledgeable

Patricia A.
Submitted 07/17/18
I told the receptionist that the office and staff are one of the most professional doctor’s office that I had been in. Every one from the first phone call till the time I left my appointment everyone was so professional.

Shirley M.
Submitted 07/12/18
The doctor did a great job with my surgery but getting in and getting ahold of a live person is pretty ridiculous. You have to leave a voicemail every single time you call and there’s no live person actually available to answer the phone so you end up playing phone tag all day. It’s truly unprofessional. Please hire another front desk associate, I’m sure there’s enough money going through that place. Aside from that everything was great the doctor was excellent and the staff amazing as well. Good luck scheduling a visit!

Joseph D.
Submitted 07/10/18
I had injured my right hand in an auto accident. Workmans comp did surgery on my hand and messed it up. My Myo has Done 2 surgeries to correct wow it fills good to have my hand back thank you.

Jean M.
Submitted 07/02/18
I was very pleased with Dr. Mouaikel. He was very kind, funny and professional. He listened to whatever problems I had and we talked them.

Brenda F.
Submitted 06/10/18
Ryan Bartz, PA is great. Very friendly and very competent. If he questions anything he talks to Dr Myo and within a minute or two Dr Myo enters to confer with Mr Bartz. My appointment is always on time and that makes me very appreciative.

Judith S.
Submitted 06/10/18
Doctor and staff very professional, helpful and concerned. Positive experience

Russell S.
Submitted 05/25/18
Great Doctor and facility!!

Cathleen K.
Submitted 05/18/18
Good experience All staff was courteous, efficient , and professional

Karen A.
Submitted 05/08/18
I have always been well pleased with the Dr. and the staff.

Stephanie A.
Submitted 05/01/18
After a year of “self treatment” that included bracing and therapy geared towards “trigger finger” locking my Internist referred me to Dr Myo and his staff for intervention. From the moment I called his office to every interaction with all staff and clinicians in his practice including himself I have been amazed at the expedience, patient care, and smoothness with which things have been handled in this office. Having been a former Office Manager of a 2 Physician Family Practice and knowing how nice a well oiled/practiced office is handled I must say they ALL EXCEL at their craft! Kudos!

Lauris B.
Submitted 04/27/18
I saw Dr. Myo for a final checkup on my fractured pelvis. An X-ray was taken and showed My pelvis was continuing to heal. Dr. Myo checked my walk and declared I was walking fine. I was good to go.

Janet H.
Submitted 04/27/18
Dr MYO is an excellent doctor. He takes time with You And helps with the pain in your body. He is also a very good surgeon.

Rukshana D.
Submitted 04/25/18
Very pleased with the all visite

Evangelina V.
Submitted 04/19/18
Dr.Myo is a great doctor and very helpful.

Gary C.
Submitted 04/18/18
I was very happy with all my visits to Dr. Myo’s office…staff was kind and personable…Dr. Myo was very professional and concerned with me and my condition. ..I’m very grateful to Dr. Myo and his staff 🙂

Janet M.
Submitted 04/11/18
Dr. Myo is very thorough in the treatment of my hand injury.

Jeff B.
Submitted 04/10/18
All business and timely scheduling to get you fixed quickly.

Karen B.
Submitted 03/28/18
Very thorough. Good results.

Pansy P.
Submitted 02/23/18
Fast, easy. Good

Gloria G.
Submitted 02/23/18
Dr. Myo and his office staff are friendly and always make me feel comfortable.

Elizabeth G.
Submitted 02/13/18
Everyone was very helpful from the front desk receptions, Xray person, nurse and Doctor. Made me feel at easy and informed. Very knowledgeable and kind.

Ted K.
Submitted 02/07/18
Great practice- all were great care givers. Took care of my problem is a true professional manor.

Mike S.
Submitted 01/24/18
Visiting Dr. Myo for a finger Tenant issue where my finger would lock into the closed position, called often as Trigger Finger. Sought his help to remedy the problem first with steroid injection, however the problem was not a solution. Some time later it was determined that minor surgery was necessary to finally cure the problem, it did and has since been the best solution to the problem. Healing is progressing well and as expected. Dr. Myo and his staff are caring and focused on providing good medical support for many bone and hand issues. He was before this finger issue he helped my wife with a fractured elbow and did what was required to bring her elbow back into proper working order.

Jocelyn S.
Submitted 01/24/18
Dr. Mayo is always very respectful and courteous. He is also very friendly and tentative. I would recommend him to friends and family.

Margaret E.
Submitted 01/17/18
Dr is very thorough, very satisfied with visit

Patrick C.
Submitted 01/14/18
Dr. Myo is a very professional and talented surgeon. He and his staff did an incredible job repairing my hip!

Alison G.
Submitted 01/05/18
Very thorough and explained everything. Excellent staff.

Sylvie G.
Submitted 12/30/17
Very professional, didn’t wait long for my appointment. The staff was very kind.